Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Leaves Project Continued :)

Students surprisingly brought tons of beautiful leaves in from home.

Students took so much pride and care into creating beautiful objects with their leaves. Some of my favorites include: lion, alien, and abstract art.

 Once students created their masterpieces. The teacher asked them to write about the process they went through to get to where they were now. They were asked to include the books we read, comparing and contrast them. They were asked to tell what inspired them and how their art turned out. They were also asked to write about their emotions after they created their materpieces. The students had an absolute blast and we had so much fun doing this!

Here are the students writing away:

Once student art was complete, I took pictures of their art work. I will have the pictures printed at meijer and will hang their picture of art with their writing. This will look awesome for parent teacher conferences next week!

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